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Serving Individuals & Business Owners

We use carefully researched investment tools to provide opportunities for wealth accumulation and asset protection. Considering your financial security goals, tolerance to risk and timeline, we provide individuals and business owners with qualified and non-qualified savings and pension plans.

  • Group retirement and savings plans: We offer plans with tax advantages that can help attract and retain quality employees.
  • Qualified Retirement Savings Plan: We build customized qualified portfolios, allowing for a variety of specific investment options.
  • Non-Qualified Education Savings Plan: This is a valuable tool to help finance post-secondary education.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is an important component of our investment strategies.

About the only certainty when it comes to the financial markets is that they will change, and so will your financial situation, preferences, priorities and risk tolerance.

By crafting an individualized asset allocation strategy, we can help you mitigate the risks of any one asset class though diversification and balance. We build each individual’s strategy on the key elements of their financial profile and consider all of these aspects in creating a strong financial plan:

  • Investment Objectives
  • Risk Tolerance 
  • Investment Preferences
  • Time Horizon
  • Tax benefits and disadvantages

Asset allocation is driven by complex mathematical models. Combined with smart diversification strategies, your portfolio can be positioned to weather the fluctuations of the economy. A sound asset allocation strategy includes periodic reviews to ensure that your plan is still on track to meet your goals as the financial environment changes.

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